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Arya Girl Name Meaning


Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent. A name is not just a label, but a reflection of your child's identity, personality, and cultural heritage. If you're looking for a unique and meaningful name for your baby girl, Arya might be a great choice. Arya is a name that has been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks in part to its association with the popular TV series Game of Thrones. However, Arya is more than just a fictional character; it has a rich history and diverse meanings in different cultures.

Origins and Meanings of Arya

Arya is a name that has roots in several languages and cultures. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, Arya means 'noble' or 'honorable'. It was a term used to describe the Aryan people, who were considered to be the noblest and most civilized race in ancient India. In Hinduism, Arya is also a name for the goddess Durga, who represents strength, courage, and protection.

Arya in Persian, Iranian, Turkish, and Kurdish

Arya is also a popular name in Persian, Iranian, Turkish, and Kurdish cultures. In Persian, Arya means 'noble' or 'pure', and is often used as a surname. In Iranian mythology, Arya was the name of a hero who fought against evil forces. In Turkish and Kurdish, Arya means 'bringer of happiness' or 'joyful'.

Arya in Arabic and Hebrew

In Arabic, Arya is a unisex name that means 'noble' or 'exalted'. It is also a variant of the name Aria, which means 'melody' or 'song' in Persian. In Hebrew, Arya is a feminine name that means 'lioness'. It is a variant of the name Ariella, which is derived from the Hebrew word 'ari' (lion).

Popularity of Arya

Arya is a name that has been steadily rising in popularity in recent years. In the United States, it first appeared on the Social Security Administration's list of top 1000 baby names in 2010, and has been climbing the ranks ever since. In 2020, Arya was the 215th most popular name for baby girls in the US. The name has also been popular in other countries, such as India, Iran, Turkey, and Israel.

Famous People Named Arya

There are several famous people who bear the name Arya. One of the most well-known is Arya Stark, the fictional character from the Game of Thrones series. Arya Stark is a strong and independent young woman who defies gender norms and fights for justice. Other famous Aryas include Arya Babbar, an Indian actor; Arya Rohit, an Indian television host and actress; and Arya Saloka, an Indonesian actor. There are also several notable people with the surname Arya, such as Nobel laureate Avram Hershko and Indian politician Bhagwantrao Mandloi Arya.


In conclusion, Arya is a beautiful and meaningful name with a rich history and diverse meanings in different cultures. Whether you choose it for its Sanskrit roots, Persian elegance, Turkish joyfulness, or Hebrew fierceness, Arya is a name that will give your daughter a strong and unique identity. With its rising popularity and association with strong female characters, Arya is a name that is sure to stand the test of time.