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Harman Name Meaning in Hindi

Harman Name Meaning in Hindi

Harman is a unisex name that is popular among both boys and girls. The name Harman has its roots in the Germanic language and means 'soldier' or 'warrior'. In Hindi, the name Harman is written as हरमन. The name is pronounced as 'hahr-muhn' in English and 'हर्मन' in Hindi.

Harman Name Origin

The name Harman has its origin in the Germanic language. It is derived from the Old German word 'heri' which means 'army' and 'man' which means 'man'. The name Harman was originally used as a surname in Germany and later became a popular first name for boys and girls.

Harman Name Personality Traits

People with the name Harman are known for their strong willpower and determination. They are natural leaders and have the ability to inspire and motivate others. They are also creative and have a great sense of humor. However, they can be stubborn at times and may find it difficult to compromise.

Harman Name Numerology

According to numerology, the name Harman has a life path number of 1. People with this number are known for their leadership qualities and are often successful in their careers. They are also independent and have a strong sense of self. The number 1 is associated with new beginnings and success.

Harman Name Popularity

The name Harman is a popular name for boys and girls in India. According to BabyCenter, the name Harman is ranked #1,357 in popularity for boys and #1,188 for girls in 2021. The name has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years and is a popular choice for parents looking for a unique and modern name for their child.

Famous Personalities with the Name Harman

There are several famous personalities with the name Harman. Harman Baweja is an Indian actor who has appeared in several Bollywood films. Harmanpreet Kaur is an Indian cricketer who plays for the Indian women's cricket team. Harman Sidhu is a social activist and founder of ArriveSAFE, an organization that works towards road safety in India.