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Jolene Name Meaning


Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming to sift through all the options. If you're looking for a unique and beautiful name, Jolene might be the perfect choice. This guide will explore the meaning and history of the name Jolene, as well as its popularity and famous people who share the name.

Origin and Meaning

Jolene is a name with a rich history and meaning. It is derived from the name Jolie, which is French for 'pretty' or 'attractive'. Jolene is a combination of Jolie and the suffix '-ene', which is often used in feminine names. The name Jolene was first popularized by the country music singer Dolly Parton, who wrote and performed the hit song 'Jolene' in 1973. The song tells the story of a woman pleading with Jolene not to steal her man, and it has become a classic in the country music genre.


Jolene is not a very common name, but it has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. According to the Social Security Administration, Jolene was the 632nd most popular name for girls in 2020. While it may not be as popular as some other names, Jolene is still a unique and beautiful choice for a baby girl.

Famous People Named Jolene

There are several famous people who share the name Jolene. In addition to Dolly Parton, who popularized the name with her hit song, there are also actresses Jolene Blalock and Jolene Purdy. Jolene Van Vugt is a Canadian motocross rider and stunt performer, and Jolene Anderson is an Australian actress. These women have all made a name for themselves in their respective fields, and their success is a testament to the strength and beauty of the name Jolene.

Variations and Similar Names

If you love the name Jolene but want to explore some variations or similar names, there are several options to consider. Some variations of Jolene include Jolena, Jolynn, and Jolanda. Similar names that have a similar meaning or sound include Juliette, Josette, and Joelle. These names all have a similar feminine and romantic feel to Jolene, and they could be a great alternative if you're looking for something slightly different.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, but it can also be a fun and exciting process. If you're considering the name Jolene, you can rest assured that it is a beautiful and unique choice with a rich history and meaning. Whether you're a fan of Dolly Parton's music or simply love the sound of the name, Jolene is a great option for a baby girl. With its rising popularity and strong association with successful women, Jolene is sure to be a name that stands out and makes a statement.