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Meaning of Name Adonai


Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. A name is not just a label, but a reflection of your child's identity and personality. Many parents choose names with significant meanings, such as Adonai, a Hebrew name with a rich history and deep spiritual significance.

Origins of the Name Adonai

Adonai is a Hebrew word that means 'Lord' or 'Master'. It is used in the Bible as a title for God, and is often translated as 'Lord God' or 'Sovereign Lord'. The name Adonai is derived from the Hebrew word 'Adon', which means 'lord' or 'master'. In ancient times, Adon was a title of respect given to rulers and nobles, and was often used to address God in prayer and worship.

Significance of the Name Adonai

The name Adonai is significant because it reflects the sovereignty and majesty of God. It is a reminder that God is the ultimate authority and ruler of the universe, and that we are called to submit to His will and follow His commands. The name Adonai also conveys a sense of intimacy and personal relationship with God, as we address Him as our Lord and Master.

Use of the Name Adonai in the Bible

The name Adonai is used throughout the Bible as a title for God. In the Old Testament, it is often used in conjunction with other titles, such as 'Lord God Almighty' or 'Sovereign Lord'. In the New Testament, the Greek equivalent of Adonai is 'Kyrios', which is used to refer to Jesus as Lord and Master. The use of the name Adonai in the Bible emphasizes the importance of acknowledging God's sovereignty and submitting to His will.

Modern Use of the Name Adonai

In modern times, the name Adonai is still used as a Hebrew name for boys. It is a popular choice among Jewish parents, as well as Christian parents who are drawn to its biblical significance. The name Adonai is also used in worship and prayer, as a way of addressing God with reverence and respect. Some people also use the name Adonai as a personal affirmation of their faith and commitment to God.

Variations of the Name Adonai

There are several variations of the name Adonai, including Adon, Adoni, and Adonijah. Adon is a shortened form of Adonai, and is used in some Jewish prayers and hymns. Adoni is a variation of Adonai that means 'my Lord', and is used in the Bible as a title of respect for human rulers. Adonijah is a Hebrew name that means 'Yahweh is my Lord', and is used in the Bible as the name of several characters.


The name Adonai is a powerful and meaningful choice for parents who are looking for a name with spiritual significance. Its origins in Hebrew and use in the Bible reflect the sovereignty and majesty of God, and its modern use as a name and in worship and prayer continues to affirm our relationship with Him. Whether you choose the name Adonai or another name with significant meaning, may your child's name be a reflection of their identity and purpose in life.