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Noel Name Meaning Bible


Choosing a name for your child is an important decision, and many parents look to the Bible for inspiration. One name that has a strong biblical connection is Noel, which is often associated with the Christmas story. In this article, we will explore the meaning and origins of the name Noel, as well as its variations and popularity as a baby name.

What Does Noel Mean?

The name Noel is derived from the Latin word natalis, which means 'birth' or 'birthday'. In the Bible, the word is often used in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ. The phrase 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' (Glory to God in the highest) is also commonly associated with the name Noel, as it is part of the chorus of the Christmas carol 'The First Noel'.

Noel in the Bible

While the name Noel does not appear in the Bible, the concept of the birth of Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith and is celebrated at Christmas time. The story of the Nativity is told in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and includes the visit of the Magi (Wise Men) who followed a star to find the baby Jesus. The name Noel is often associated with this story, as it is a celebration of the birth of Christ.

Variations of the Name Noel

There are several variations of the name Noel, including Noelle, Noll, and Nowell. Noelle is the feminine form of Noel and is often used as a name for girls. Noll and Nowell are less common variations of the name, but are still used in some cultures. In some countries, such as France, the name Noel is also used as a surname.

Popularity of the Name Noel

The name Noel has been a popular choice for baby names for many years, particularly in English-speaking countries. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Noel was ranked as the 463rd most popular name for boys in the United States in 2020. The name Noelle was ranked as the 423rd most popular name for girls in the same year.

Famous People Named Noel

There have been many famous people throughout history named Noel, including Noel Coward, a British playwright and actor, and Noel Gallagher, a British musician and songwriter. Other notable people with the name Noel include Noel Fielding, a British comedian and actor, and Noel Neill, an American actress who played Lois Lane in the 1950s television series 'Adventures of Superman'.


The name Noel has a rich history and meaning in the Bible, particularly related to the Christmas story. Whether you choose to name your child Noel or one of its variations, it is a beautiful and meaningful name that will always be associated with the joy and wonder of the holiday season.