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Popular Thai Baby Names


Thai culture is steeped in tradition and history, and this is reflected in the names given to babies. Thai names are often inspired by nature, religion, and mythology, and they carry deep cultural significance. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular Thai baby names for boys and girls, their meanings, and cultural significance.

Popular Thai Names for Boys

1. Anan – meaning ‘cloud’ 2. Apirak – meaning ‘powerful’ 3. Chai – meaning ‘victory’ 4. Chakri – meaning ‘king’ 5. Chatchai – meaning ‘victory’ 6. Chayut – meaning ‘victory’ 7. Chokchai – meaning ‘victory’ 8. Ittipat – meaning ‘one who has achieved greatness’ 9. Krit – meaning ‘powerful’ 10. Niran – meaning ‘eternal’ 11. Pairoj – meaning ‘precious’ 12. Phanupong – meaning ‘one who is victorious over obstacles’ 13. Phichit – meaning ‘clever’ 14. Phongchai – meaning ‘victorious’ 15. Sombat – meaning ‘happiness’ 16. Surachai – meaning ‘victory’ 17. Thongchai – meaning ‘golden victory’ 18. Thongdee – meaning ‘golden heart’ 19. Thongthai – meaning ‘golden progress’ 20. Wanchai – meaning ‘progress’

Popular Thai Names for Girls

1. Achara – meaning ‘good character’ 2. Areeya – meaning ‘noble’ 3. Arisa – meaning ‘beautiful’ 4. Benjamas – meaning ‘five gems’ 5. Chalita – meaning ‘smart’ 6. Chanya – meaning ‘graceful’ 7. Chompu – meaning ‘pink’ 8. Darika – meaning ‘star’ 9. Duangkamon – meaning ‘precious gold’ 10. Kamala – meaning ‘lotus’ 11. Kanya – meaning ‘virgin’ 12. Krittika – meaning ‘star’ 13. Mali – meaning ‘jasmine’ 14. Naree – meaning ‘woman’ 15. Nongnuch – meaning ‘little angel’ 16. Pimchanok – meaning ‘beautiful like flowers’ 17. Pornpimol – meaning ‘full of precious things’ 18. Siriporn – meaning ‘beautiful blessing’ 19. Supaporn – meaning ‘beautiful angel’ 20. Thanyarat – meaning ‘successful’

Cultural Significance of Thai Names

Thai names are deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history. Many Thai names are inspired by Buddhism, which is the predominant religion in Thailand. For example, the name Chakri, which means ‘king’, is a reference to the Chakri dynasty, which has ruled Thailand since 1782. Other names, such as Kamala (lotus) and Mali (jasmine), are inspired by nature and reflect the importance of the natural world in Thai culture.

Choosing a Thai Name for Your Baby

If you are considering a Thai name for your baby, it is important to understand the cultural significance of the name and its meaning. Thai names often have multiple meanings, and it is important to choose a name that reflects your values and beliefs. It is also important to consider the pronunciation of the name, as some Thai names can be difficult for non-native speakers to pronounce correctly.


Thai names are rich in meaning and cultural significance, and they reflect the country’s deep history and traditions. Whether you are looking for a name for your baby boy or girl, there are many beautiful and meaningful Thai names to choose from. By understanding the cultural significance of these names, you can choose a name that reflects your values and beliefs and honors your child’s heritage.