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The Name Marie Means


Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision, as it will be a part of their identity for the rest of their life. The name Marie is a popular choice for girls, with a rich history and meaning that spans across various cultures and languages. In this article, we will explore the origins and significance of the name Marie, as well as its popularity and notable bearers throughout history.

Etymology and Meaning

The name Marie has roots in several languages, including French, German, and Latin. In French, Marie is the diminutive form of the name Mary, which means 'bitter' or 'beloved'. In German, Marie is a variant of Maria, which is derived from the Hebrew name Miriam, meaning 'sea of bitterness' or 'rebelliousness'. In Latin, the name Maria is associated with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, and means 'star of the sea'.

History and Popularity

The name Marie has a long history, dating back to medieval times. It was a popular name among royalty and nobility, with several queens and princesses bearing the name throughout history. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Marie was one of the most popular names for girls in the United States and Europe. Today, it remains a popular choice, ranking in the top 100 names for girls in several countries, including France, Germany, and the United States.

Famous People Named Marie

Throughout history, there have been many notable people named Marie. Some of the most famous include Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize; Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the French Revolution; and Marie Osmond, an American singer and actress. Other notable bearers of the name include Marie Claire magazine, Marie Stopes, a British author and women's rights activist, and Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author.

Variations and Nicknames

The name Marie has several variations and nicknames in different languages and cultures. In French, it is often spelled with an accent over the 'e' (Marié) and can be shortened to Mari or Mimi. In German, it is often spelled with an umlaut over the 'a' (Märie) and can be shortened to Ria or Mia. Other variations of the name include Maria, Mary, and Miriam. Common nicknames for Marie include Mare, Rie, and Ree.


The name Marie has a rich history and meaning, with roots in various cultures and languages. It has been a popular choice for girls throughout history and remains so today. Whether you choose to name your child Marie or a variation of the name, it is a timeless and classic choice that will stand the test of time.