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Top Breton Baby Names


Breton is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany, a region in the northwest of France. Breton baby names are known for their unique and traditional sound. If you're looking for a name that stands out, a Breton name might be the perfect choice. In this article, we'll list the top Breton baby names and their meanings.

Top Breton Baby Names for Boys

1. Yann - Yann is the Breton form of John, meaning 'God is gracious'. 2. Gwenaël - Gwenaël means 'blessed and generous'. 3. Ronan - Ronan means 'little seal'. 4. Erwan - Erwan means 'white' or 'fair'. 5. Ewen - Ewen means 'youth' or 'well-born'. 6. Bleiz - Bleiz means 'wolf'. 7. Alan - Alan means 'rock' or 'handsome'. 8. Envel - Envel means 'angel'. 9. Arzhel - Arzhel means 'bear prince'. 10. Maël - Maël means 'prince' or 'chief'.

Top Breton Baby Names for Girls

1. Morgane - Morgane means 'sea circle'. 2. Enora - Enora means 'honor'. 3. Maëlys - Maëlys means 'princess' or 'chief'. 4. Rozenn - Rozenn means 'rose'. 5. Gwenn - Gwenn means 'white' or 'fair'. 6. Ysé - Ysé means 'God is my oath'. 7. Loeiza - Loeiza means 'famous warrior'. 8. Nolwenn - Nolwenn means 'holy one'. 9. Anaelle - Anaelle means 'graceful'. 10. Erell - Erell means 'angel'.

Unique Breton Baby Names

1. Aodren - Aodren means 'fire lord'. 2. Bleuenn - Bleuenn means 'flower'. 3. Corentin - Corentin means 'hurricane'. 4. Elouan - Elouan means 'light'. 5. Goulven - Goulven means 'fierce wolf'. 6. Isaline - Isaline means 'vision of beauty'. 7. Kaelig - Kaelig means 'little warrior'. 8. Lirio - Lirio means 'lily'. 9. Madalen - Madalen means 'tower'. 10. Tugdual - Tugdual means 'lord of the people'.

Traditional Breton Baby Names

1. Alaric - Alaric means 'ruler of all'. 2. Bertrand - Bertrand means 'bright raven'. 3. Célestin - Célestin means 'heavenly'. 4. Gildas - Gildas means 'servant of God'. 5. Hervé - Hervé means 'battle worthy'. 6. Isidore - Isidore means 'gift of Isis'. 7. Jocelyn - Jocelyn means 'joyous'. 8. Léon - Léon means 'lion'. 9. Odette - Odette means 'wealthy'. 10. Théodore - Théodore means 'gift of God'.


Breton baby names are a great choice for parents looking for unique and traditional names. Whether you're looking for a name for a boy or a girl, there are plenty of options to choose from. From Yann to Morgane, these names have a rich history and a beautiful sound. Consider a Breton name for your little one and give them a name that stands out.