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What Does the Name Adonai Mean?


Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Many parents look to their cultural or religious heritage for inspiration when selecting a name. One name that has significant meaning in the Hebrew tradition is Adonai. In this article, we will explore the origins and significance of the name Adonai, as well as its usage in modern times.

Origins of the Name Adonai

Adonai is a Hebrew name that is often used as a title for God in the Old Testament. The word Adonai is derived from the Hebrew word Adon, which means Lord or Master. In Jewish tradition, the name Adonai is considered too sacred to be spoken aloud, and is often replaced with the word Hashem, which means The Name.

Significance of the Name Adonai

The name Adonai is significant because it represents God's sovereignty and authority over all things. In the Old Testament, God is often referred to as Adonai to emphasize his power and majesty. The name Adonai is also associated with God's compassion and mercy, as he is seen as a loving and caring master who looks after his people.

Usage of the Name Adonai in Modern Times

While the name Adonai is still used in Jewish tradition as a title for God, it is not commonly used as a personal name for children. However, there are some parents who choose to name their children Adonai as a way of honoring their faith and heritage. In modern times, the name Adonai is also sometimes used as a stage name by musicians and performers.

Variations of the Name Adonai

There are several variations of the name Adonai that are used in different cultures and languages. In Arabic, the name Adnan is derived from Adonai and means 'settler' or 'one who stays'. In Spanish, the name Adonay is a variation of Adonai that is sometimes used as a personal name. In Hebrew, the name Adina is a feminine variation of Adonai that means 'delicate' or 'gentle'.


The name Adonai has significant meaning in the Hebrew tradition, representing God's sovereignty and compassion. While it is not commonly used as a personal name for children, it is still revered as a sacred title for God. For parents who are looking for a name that reflects their faith and heritage, Adonai may be a meaningful choice.