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Lawrence name Meaning and Origin

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What is the meaning

The name Lawrence is a popular name for boys that has been around for centuries. It is of Latin origin and means "from Laurentum," which was a city in ancient Italy. The name has been used by many famous people throughout history, including Saint Lawrence, a Christian martyr, and Lawrence of Arabia, a British soldier and writer. The name Lawrence has a strong and masculine sound to it, which makes it a popular choice for parents looking for a traditional name for their baby boy. It is also a name that has stood the test of time, as it has been used for centuries and is still popular today. One of the most notable people with the name Lawrence is Saint Lawrence. He was a deacon in the early Christian church who was martyred in 258 AD. According to legend, he was roasted alive on a gridiron, but he remained faithful to his beliefs until the very end. He is now the patron saint of cooks, chefs, and comedians. Another famous person with the name Lawrence is Lawrence of Arabia. He was a British soldier and writer who played a key role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. He is best known for his book, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," which chronicles his experiences during the war. The name Lawrence has also been used in popular culture. One of the most famous fictional characters with the name is Lawrence Talbot, also known as the Wolfman. He is a character from the 1941 horror film "The Wolf Man," and has since become a popular Halloween costume. In terms of personality traits, people with the name Lawrence are often seen as confident, ambitious, and hardworking. They are natural leaders who are not afraid to take charge and make decisions. They are also known for their intelligence and analytical skills, which make them well-suited for careers in science, engineering, or finance. People with the name Lawrence are also known for their sense of humor and their ability to make others laugh. They are often the life of the party and enjoy being around other people. They are also loyal and dependable friends who will always be there when you need them. In terms of numerology, the name Lawrence is associated with the number 8. This number is often associated with success, wealth, and power. People with this name are often driven to succeed and are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve their goals. Overall, the name Lawrence is a strong and classic name that has stood the test of time. It is a name that is associated with success, leadership, and intelligence, and is a great choice for parents looking for a traditional name for their baby boy.

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This is the more popular name In terms of mobility, Lawrence is more of a male name

Famous people

1. Lawrence Fishburne, American, Actor, "Lawrence Fishburne is an American actor best known for his roles in The Matrix and Boyz n the Hood." 2. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, American, Poet, "Lawrence Ferlinghetti is an American poet and publisher who is best known for his work with City Lights Books." 3. Lawrence Welk, American, Bandleader, "Lawrence Welk was an American bandleader and television show host who was known for his unique style of music." 4. Lawrence Olivier, British, Actor, "Lawrence Olivier was a British actor who was widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century." 5. Lawrence Lessig, American, Lawyer, "Lawrence Lessig is an American lawyer and political activist who is best known for his work on copyright and internet law."

What do most people think

Most people think the name Lawrence is a strong, classic name with a lot of history. It is often associated with intelligence, strength, and leadership.


The name Lawrence is of Latin origin, derived from the Roman family name Laurentius, which is derived from the Latin word laurentum, meaning "laurel."

Names similar

1. Laurence 2. Laurens 3. Laurin 4. Laurant 5. Lawry 6. Lawrance 7. Lawrie 8. Lawren 9. Lawryne 10. Loren

Suggested Sibling Names (Brothers)

1. Liam 2. Lucas 3. Logan

Suggested Sibling Names (Sisters)

1. Abigail 2. Sophia 3. Olivia

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