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Luna name Meaning and Origin

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What is the meaning

Luna is a beautiful name that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a Latin name that means "moon." The moon has been a symbol of femininity, mystery, and magic for centuries. It is no wonder that Luna has become a popular name for baby girls. The moon has been a source of inspiration for poets, artists, and writers for centuries. It has been associated with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The moon has also been linked to the tides, which are influenced by its gravitational pull. The moon has been a symbol of fertility, creativity, and intuition. The name Luna has a mystical and magical quality to it. It is a name that evokes a sense of wonder and enchantment. It is a name that is perfect for a baby girl who is destined to be a dreamer, a poet, or an artist. The name Luna has been used in literature and mythology. In Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon. She was often depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon on her forehead. In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. She was often depicted as a beautiful woman riding a chariot pulled by two horses. The name Luna has also been used in popular culture. Luna Lovegood is a character in the Harry Potter series. She is a quirky and eccentric girl who is known for her love of all things magical. Luna is also the name of a character in the animated movie "The Princess and the Frog." She is a firefly who helps the main character, Tiana, on her journey. The name Luna has a positive and uplifting meaning. It is a name that is associated with beauty, mystery, and magic. It is a name that is perfect for a baby girl who is destined to be a star. Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision. It is a name that your child will carry with them for the rest of their life. The name Luna is a beautiful and meaningful name that is perfect for a baby girl. It is a name that will inspire your child to dream big and reach for the stars.

Lucy Rank in US Top 1000

Luna name  popular,Gender

This is the more popular name In terms of mobility, Luna is more of a female name

Famous people

1. Luna Blaise, American, Actress, "Luna Blaise is an American actress best known for her role as the daughter of the lead character in the ABC series 'Fresh Off the Boat'." 2. Luna Wedler, Swiss, Actress, "Luna Wedler is a Swiss actress who has starred in films such as 'Blue My Mind' and 'The White Crow'." 3. Luna Haruna, Japanese, Singer, "Luna Haruna is a Japanese singer and voice actress who is best known for her work on the anime series 'Fate/stay night'." 4. Luna Lovegood, British, Fictional Character, "Luna Lovegood is a fictional character from the Harry Potter series, portrayed by British actress Evanna Lynch." 5. Luna Vachon, Canadian, Professional Wrestler, "Luna Vachon was a Canadian professional wrestler who was known for her unique look and her high-flying wrestling style."

What do most people think

Most people think the name Luna is beautiful and unique. It is often associated with the moon and the night sky, and is a popular choice for baby names.


The name Luna is derived from the Latin word for moon, luna. It is also associated with the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna.

Names similar

1. Lunette 2. Lunara 3. Lunaya 4. Lunette 5. Lunara 6. Lunette 7. Lunette 8. Lunette 9. Lunette 10. Lunette

Suggested Sibling Names (Brothers)

1. Apollo 2. Orion 3. Titan

Suggested Sibling Names (Sisters)

1. Aurora 2. Stella 3. Violet

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