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Renata name Meaning and Origin

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What is the meaning

Renata is a beautiful name that has its roots in Latin. The name Renata is derived from the Latin word "renatus," which means "reborn" or "born again." The name Renata is a popular name in many countries, including Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. The name Renata is often associated with qualities such as strength, resilience, and determination. These qualities are reflected in the meaning of the name, which suggests a person who has been reborn or has overcome adversity. Renata is a name that is often given to girls who are born after a difficult pregnancy or who have overcome a significant challenge in their lives. The name Renata has been used in literature and popular culture throughout history. One of the most famous literary characters named Renata is Renata von Lohenstein, a character in the German novel "Die Geschichte des Fräuleins von Sternheim" by Sophie von La Roche. Renata is also the name of a character in the Italian opera "La Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi. In addition to its literary and cultural significance, the name Renata has a strong religious connotation. In Christianity, the concept of being "born again" is central to the faith, and the name Renata reflects this idea. The name Renata is often given to girls who are born into Christian families or who have a strong connection to their faith. The name Renata has many variations and nicknames, including Rena, Renie, and Reni. These variations of the name are often used as terms of endearment or as shortened versions of the full name. If you are considering naming your baby girl Renata, you can be sure that you are giving her a name with a rich history and a strong meaning. Renata is a name that is associated with strength, resilience, and determination, and it is a name that will serve your daughter well throughout her life.

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This is not a popular name and is only part of the time within the list In terms of mobility, Renata is more of a female name

Famous people

1. Renata Tebaldi, Italian, Opera Singer, Renata Tebaldi was an Italian lirico-spinto soprano of great international fame. 2. Renata Adler, American, Journalist, Renata Adler is an American journalist, film critic, and novelist. 3. Renata Scotto, Italian, Opera Singer, Renata Scotto is an Italian soprano and opera director. 4. Renata Litvinova, Russian, Film Director, Renata Litvinova is a Russian film director, screenwriter, and actress. 5. Renata Kallosh, American, Physicist, Renata Kallosh is an American physicist and professor at Stanford University.

What do most people think

Most people think that the name Renata is a beautiful and unique name. It has a strong and feminine sound to it, and it is often associated with intelligence and strength.


The name Renata is of Latin origin, derived from the Latin word renatus, meaning "born again." It is also related to the Latin word renascor, meaning "to be reborn."

Names similar

1. Rena 2. Renee 3. Renelle 4. Renita 5. Rene 6. Renelle 7. Renelle 8. Renata 9. Renelle 10. Renay

Suggested Sibling Names (Brothers)

1. Sebastian 2. Lucas 3. Julian

Suggested Sibling Names (Sisters)

1. Sofia 2. Isabella 3. Valentina

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